Dishes to Taste: Karimeen(Pearl spot) Pollichathu, Full Chicken Fry, Seerfish Mappas, Prawns Roast, Konchu Roast, Duck Roast.

NON VEG Karimpumkala Restaurant is famous all over Kerala for its traditional Kerala cuisine. Situated at Pallom on M.C. Road near Post Office Junction,only 8 Kilo Meters from the conference venue, this eatery is open from 7:30 am to 9:30 pm on all days of the week. Seafood items being its speciality, some of the main dishes to try from this restaurant are Karimeen Pollichathu, Konchu Roast,Chemmeen Roast, Neymeen Mappassu etc. Although primarily a seafood destination, other non-vegetarian dishes are also available in this restaurant.One such dish is the ‘Full Chicken Fry’. The chicken is first marinated using their own special ‘nadan’ masalas before frying it crisply in oil. ‘Karimeen Pollichathu’ is a dish much in demand from the seafood menu. It is not only prepared differently, but has a different taste too. The fish is deep fried in an oil-filled pan after marinating with masalas and wrapping in banana leaves. This renders the fish the taste of a fried fish item, a deviation from the usual ‘Pollicha’ fish with thick gravy.‘Neymeen Mappas’ is a comparatively less spicy preparation made from Seer fish. The taste and yellow colour gravy of the dish is mainly due to the addition of coconut milk. ‘Mappas Curry’ prepared using various other varieties of fishes are also available. The curry is very popular with the afternoon meals served here.‘Chemmeen Roast’ is made with prawns. It is similar to the ‘Konchu Roast’ in terms of its thick, oily gravy. The dominating taste of this dish is that of the oil and special masala which also adds a tinge of salty flavor to it.


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